This is a collection of posts I have written, and podcasts I've guested on around on the internet.

Today marks the release day of macOS Mojave, OmniFocus 3 for Mac, and my very first article for MacStories!

OmniFocus 3 really has improved my workflow for task management, and hopefully you will see how it has done so.

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Yesterday I was a guest on Download where we talked Apple software releases, new hardware arriving, and tried to understand Elon Musk. Also: American grocery stores are weird.

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This month is Relay FM's member drive month, and David and I created a member's only episode going into how we both got started with music, and the instruments we play.

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I got to be a guest on Clockwise again! While we didn't wash any clocks we did talk about Philip Hue, our hopes and dreams for the next Apple Event, and being inhaled by kind of super power absorbing monster..!

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Day One is great for memories - but you don't always need all your photos in it with a high resolution - this Workflow will let you save a nice grid of thumbnails to your day.

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